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The Research Sector's publications are vital vehicles for the transmission and dispersal of latest research-related information on institutional R & D activities, to keep the faculty, scientific community, experts, policy-makers, external institutions, industry, and wider community informed about KU research accomplishments. Essentially, RS publications integrate critical research-related information, presenting analytical insights into research policy, programs, priorities, and chartering growth in institutional research activity, with a dynamic outlook of challenges, goals and initiatives ahead. Critical requirements for documenting RS multi-dimensional information amply signify the value of RS publications as the fundamental source of authentic and reliable research information on current regulations, priorities and developmental concerns in faculty research activity at KU, through the most dependable and sustainable publications channel. Being an integral component of RS's long-term strategy of creating a permanent reference resource for research information documentation, dissemination and public awareness, research publications mirror scientific growth at KU, and remain crucial and enduring factors in nurturing RS's aspirations for wider exposure, communication, awareness and global visibility.

RS publications recorded unprecedented growth with the preparation and release of a series of reports, documents, manuals, guides, bulletins, brochures, reference/publicity material in a dynamic flow of information to the target scientific/research communities, institutions and the public. Requisite documents are prepared in-house, using advanced technologies, with pre-press publications transferable in print, visual and e-formats, a sphere where RS has attained competitive self-sufficiency. The publications are widely distributed, and displayed on RS's website to sensitize scientific community, web-users and public as regards KU’s research programs, priorities, accomplishments and developments. RS is endeavoring to attain wide visibility through instant relay of information for researchers/public attention.


Publications for research reference

- Priority Research Areas

- Kuwait University at a Glance

- Guide to Subject Areas

- Graduate Student Project Prize

- Research Initiation Grant (RIG)

- Patents office

- Office of External Research Collaboration (OERC)

- Intellectual Property Rights

- Sponsored Research

- Research Chair

- Postdoctoral Fellowship

- Scientific Poster Day Brochure

- Inventions from Kuwait University

- Poster Day Brochure


RS Newsletters (Bulletins)

- Bulletin (March 2020)

- Bulletin (July 2019)

- Bulletin (October 2018)

- Bulletin (November 2017)

- Bulletin (May 2017)

- Bulletin (December 2016)

- Bulletin (July 2016)

- Bulletin (Feb/March 2016)

- Bulletin (June/July/August 2015)

- Bulletin (November 2014)

- Bulletin (May/June 2014)

- Bulletin (October/November 2013)

- Bulletin (March/April 2013)

- Bulletin (October/November 2012)

- Bulletin (March/April 2012)

- Bulletin (October 2011)

- Bulletin (June 2011)

- Bulletin (September 2010)

- Bulletin (March/April/May 2010)


Scientific Poster Day Booklets

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