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General Facilities

RS’s vision to develop world-class infrastructure and equipment resources at Kuwait University are aimed at facilitating high quality research. Consequently, research core facilities are being expanded and developed throughout faculties with the acquisition of state-of-the-art labs, advanced instruments and hi-tech machinery, together with trained manpower and technical support necessary for their operation, functionality and maintenance. The purpose is to create an environment of advanced experimentation, precision analysis and indepth studies through the provision of General facilities grants, to venture into the sphere of nanotechnology, proteomics, genomics, cell biology, spectroscopy, etc.

Already, the Health Sciences Center has newly established Research Core Facility (RCF) for acquiring the equipment muscle to facilitate advanced research in robotics, proteomics, genomics and cell biology, with 3 additional GF projects lined-up for further enhancing the RCF equipment assets. The Engineering & Petroleum Faculty is also developing its lab infrastructure through Engineering Science Facilities (ESF) to venture into the sphere nanotechnology and advanced petroleum and petrochemical industries research, with 3 new GF projects for further expansions in the ESF resource at the Engineering & Petroleum faculty.

The Science Analytical Facilities (SAF) is an enduring and well established centralized lab facility at the Faculty of Science, which already has world-class facilities. The SAF facility is under further expansion and resource building mode through 3 new GF projects to serve advanced experimentation and research needs of Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences departments, as well as research needs of all other faculties.

The development of SAF, ESF and RCF are distinct examples of how RS’s core facilities concept is legitimately empowering faculties to convert its existing resources into the proverbial hi-tech backbone of institutional academic and research process, through university-wide centralized equipment reservoirs and model labs. The current initiatives taken by Engineering and Health Sciences Center's faculties are precisely directed at amplifying institutional capacity-building endeavors, as examples in the league of major ground-setting Science Analytical Facilities at the Faculty of Science for elevating the scientific potential and quality of research at KU.

Researchers may access equipment resources at SAF, RCF and EMU by using the links below, for ESF the link would be provided once the ESF facility becomes operational:


National Unit for Environmental Research and Services (NUERS)
Research Sector Projects Unit (RSPU)
HSC Research Core Facilities
Electron Microscopy Unit
Nanotechnology Research Facility