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About Us:

The Office of Research Services and Consultation was established in April 8th, 2009 as per decree no. 828 issued by the University President. It is a department that specializes in research service and consultation due to the increasing demand for Kuwait University (Research Sector) by both the public and private sectors in the country to provide specialized services and research in the various fields of science and knowledge. This will lead to the completion of the scientific research system at Kuwait University and finding channels to support joint scientific research, as well as its development and facilitation.



- Signing memorandums of understanding, partnerships and research collaboration agreements with local and international research centers, as well as industrial, economic, social sectors and others within the country.
- Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, and local as well as regional meetings.
- Marketing research outputs.



- Linking and managing partnerships and ties between institutions, public and private sectors, and individuals locally, regionally and globally in order to identify resources and potentials required for marketing research outputs by faculties and their exceptional discoveries.
- Gathering capital and resources to enhance institutional research capabilities, and provide support to achieve global competitiveness of scientific and humanitarian value through the Office and Consultation and Development.
- Supporting research presence through raising public awareness and highlighting institutional scientific achievements on a local and global level.


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