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Kuwait University Collaborates with Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) to Support the National Project for Sciences

Technology and Innovation Policies and Situation in Kuwait

Under the patronage and presence of Kuwait University President, Prof. Hussain Al-Ansari, along with his assistants, deans and vice deans of research from various faculties, in collaboration with the Director General of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), Dr. Adnan Shihab Al-Din, the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD), and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) team, the Research Sector at Kuwait University conducted its fourth and last meeting with the OECD team on Monday, 15th of April 2019, in Kuwait University’s Council Hall, with the aim to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the innovation system in Kuwait and review the initial results in various subjects related to the innovation system which were developed by the team based on the discussions on the previous visits. This meeting is an embodiment of the research collaboration to support the national project between Kuwait University and Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).

In this regard, KU President, Prof. Hussain Al-Ansari, mentioned that today’s meeting is held to support the national project in collaboration between KU and KFAS through the formation of research teams composed of faculty members from the university and a group of researchers from KFAS tasked to address the subject of innovation support in Kuwait, pointing out that Kuwait University has always been a strong center of distinguished major research, while emphasizing that KFAS harbors strong links with the private and public sectors in order to implement applied research.

Prof. Al-Ansari hoped that the outcomes of this collaboration are constantly evolving and have a stronger impact on the society, wishing them to be successful and fruitful. He also expressed his wishes for this project to result in the implementation of collaborative scientific research that facilitate the exchange of experiences between researchers to result in success and positive impact on the society.