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RS Hosts the Scientific Poster Day for Humanities and Social Sciences Faculties for the Academic Year 2018/19

Humanities Poster Day Event

Under the patronage of Kuwait University President, Prof. Hussein Al-Ansari, the Research Sector organized the Poster Day event for Humanities and Social Sciences faculties for the academic year 2018/2019. Bringing together Humanities and Social Sciences Faculties on a common platform for joint display of their latest research activity and accomplishment, the annual event promoted the ideology of discussion, dialogue and interaction among faculties. The RS is committed to hold two poster day events, one for Humanities and Social Sciences faculties and another event for Sciences faculties, gathering researchers from diverse disciplinary streams in a distinct event that creates an encouraging environment for scientific interaction and exchange, providing nurturing grounds for new ideas to emerge for potentially significant joint and interdisciplinary research. Essentially, the Research Sector seeks to promote creativity and innovation across faculties through original high-quality research of internationally recognized outputs. The annual commitment of the poster day event reflects the RS efforts in achieving this ultimate purpose, with the event increasingly attracting wider participation of faculties. 

RS Enlists Participation of Six Colleges in Joint Display of Latest Research in the Humanities Domain

This year’s humanities poster day event provided a significant platform for six faculties to collectively display (92) posters on a broad range of themes currently being researched across the humanities sector during 2018/2019. The displayed posters were distributed over the faculties of Arts (21), Business Administration (20), Education (20), Law (2), Sharia and Islamic Studies (9), and Social Sciences (20). The event was held under the distinguished presence of, Prof. Jasem Al-Kandari, Vice President for Research, and his Assistants, Prof. Haider Behbehani, Prof. Yousuf Al-Garashi, and Prof. Laila Marouf, among an elite gathering of top executives including vice presidents, deans, vice deans, faculty members, researchers, graduate students and others. 

Rs Annually Grants Awards for Top-Ranking Posters in the Categories of Faculty Members, Teaching Assistants and Graduate Students

The underlying purpose of organizing such events is to encourage the faculties to unite their efforts to achieve advanced research that assume added significance to the community. Hence, the poster events offer an ideal opportunity for researchers to form connections and build cooperative links between different disciplines, paving the way to achieve research and joint studies. The research sector is witnessing a promising gradual spread for scientific and research culture among faculties, researchers and various disciplines. This will widen the horizons for scientific and research collaborations, enhancing the scientific research quality at Kuwait University. The annual commitment to organize the Scientific Poster Day event for Humanities faculties reflects the RS sustained efforts in that direction, as it sheds the light on the faculties scientific and research abilities and efforts, and their distinguished contributions to scientific advancement at Kuwait University. 

On this occasion, Prof. Jasem Al-Kandari, Vice President for Research, expressed his delight with the increase in the number of research annually, which is a clear indicator of the progress of scientific research and the interest dedicated to it. He pointed that scientific papers participating in the Poster day event for Humanities Faculties from various departments highlights the most pressing issues and contemporary phenomena in the Kuwaiti society in order to diagnose them and find appropriate scientific solutions through scientific research. On his part, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Research and Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Abdullah Al-Hajri, said that the Faculty is constantly striving to spread the culture of Scientific Research. The faculty is especially committed to scientific research programs and the development of research performance by providing the appropriate scientific environment, and holding scientific and research events and activities, which is headed by hosting the Scientific Poster Day event. Prof. Al-Hajri thanked Kuwait University President for sponsoring such distinguished events, he also praised RS enormous role in organizing this vital event annually to celebrate and appreciate scientific achievements. 

Prof. Laila Marouf, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultation, said that supporting and promoting Scientific Research at Kuwait University is one of the key projects of the developmental plans, pointing out that the Research Sector aims through the Poster Day Event to provide research that serves the society and discusses its various issues in the humanitarian fields, which encourages the exchange of experiences among researchers from different faculties, the creation of new ideas, and the promotion of creativity and innovation culture among Kuwait University Researchers.


It is largely within this frame that the 2018/2019 humanities posters event presented research attainments and creativity of faculty members, teaching assistants and graduate students of the humanities and social sciences faculties through the presentation of their outstanding scientific research. On the other hand, the Research Sector is working to enhance the value of this event and its importance through awarding prizes and incentives presented for distinguished scientific posters under the categories of Faculty Members, Academic Support Members and Graduate Students. The winners of this years’ Poster day for humanities faculties are as follows:


Poster Day for Humanities Faculties 2018/2019 Winners

Faculty of Arts:
1. Dr. Amna Abdulkareem – Department of History – Faculty Members Category

2. Dr. Hani Abduladeem Qutub – Department of French Language and Culture - Academic Support Members Category
3. Elaf Al-Awadhi – Department of English Language and Literature – Graduate students Category

Faculty of Social Sciences:
1. Prof. Hisham Mohammed Gadalrab – Department of Psychology – Faculty Members Category

2. Batool Al-Hindal – Department of Information Studies - Academic Support Members Category
3. Jassim Al-Banai – Department of Geography - Graduate students Category

Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies:
1. Dr. Iqbal Ali Abdullah Al-Anizi – Department of Quranic Interpretation and Prophetic Tradition – Faculty Members Category

Faculty of Law:
1. Dr. Hussain Marzouq Al-Rashidi – Department of Private Law – Faculty Members Category

Faculty of Education:
1. Dr. Ammar Hasan Safar – Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods – Faculty Members Category

2. Tahani Al-Mutairi – Department of Education Administration and Planning – Graduate Students category

Faculty of Business Administration:
1. Dr. Mohammed Najeeb Al-Marzouq – Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems – Faculty Members Category

2. Prof. Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Jamel – Department of Management and Marketing – Faculty Members Category
3. Jasim Al-Saifi- Department of Finance and Financial Institutions - Academic Support Members Category
4. Nour Subaitani – Department of Economics - Graduate Students category
5. Rola Safouri – Department of Accounting - Graduate Students category
6. Nada Al-Shehabi – Department of Accounting - Graduate Students category