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Kuwait University President Inaugurates the RS Scientific Poster Day Event for Scientific Faculties, Gathering Researchers from Faculty members, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Students and KISR Participants to Display Their Academic Achievements for the Academic Year 2018/2019

The Scientific Poster Day Reflects Kuwait University’s Continuous Efforts to Foster Creativity and Quality in Scientific Research

Under the patronage and in the presence of Kuwait University President, Prof. Hussain Al-Ansari, the Research Sector organized the Scientific Poster Day event for sciences faculties and KISR for the academic year 2018/2019, held on Wednesday, 20th of March, 2019 at the Faculty of Life Sciences, with the attendance of the Vice President for Research, Prof. Jasem Al-Kandari, and Assistants Vice President for Research, Prof. Yousuf Garashi, Prof. Haider Behbehani and Prof. Laila Marouf, along with Acting Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, Dr. Meshari Al-Harbi, in the presence of the deans of the participating faculties, vice deans, graduate students, KISR participants and a keen audience, in order to learn about the latest research areas that have been addressed and researched in the scientific faculties. The event highlighted Kuwait University’s efforts to promote quality and originality in scientific research. It also reflected the diversity of the research fields that researchers in the scientific faculties tackle throughout the year. 

115 Scientific Posters Promoting Creativity and Innovation in Scientific Research

The event, organized by Assistant Vice President for Research, Prof. Jasem Al-Kandari, also reflected RS continuous efforts to shed the light on researchers’ scientific and research achievements at Kuwait University through the presentation of 115 scientific posters submitted by faculty members, teaching assistants, and graduate students from the Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum, Science, Computer Science and Engineering, and Life Sciences, in addition to the distinguished annual participation of KISR, participating for the sixth consecutive year in presenting their research activity in RS Annual event. On this occasion, KU President, Prof. Hussain Al-Ansari gave his speech saying: “This annual event provides an opportunity to enhance communication and joint work between researchers from different scientific disciplines to present research results, exchange views and research experiences, and to highlight scientific efforts and the roles of researchers. It is also an opportunity to shed the light on the distinguished work and to view the latest research in the various fields. It also provides a chance to introduce the Kuwaiti society to the quality and the results of research, and find the scientific solutions to solve relevant problems, and to introduce them to research projects that serve the community and address its’ issues. This gathering today reflects the size and quality of faculty members’, teaching assistants’, graduate students’, and KISR’s participants’ research performance”. 

Prof. Al-Ansari also pointed that scientific research at Kuwait University is evolving visibly, and can be witnessed through the increase in research productivity and the effective participation of faculties in scientific research. He also praised KISR’s continuous participation, which contributes to realizing one of KU’s objectives of promoting joint scientific and research collaborations with various national institutions and sectors. He added that the main objective of organizing the Scientific Poster Day event is to encourage researchers to present their ongoing and complete research to the academic community and those who are interested, as it provides a suitable opportunity to view and discuss vital scientific issues, and try to find appropriate scientific solutions to the challenges that the Kuwaiti society faces through new and innovative techniques and methods. 

RS Announces the Winners of the Best Posters Displayed at the Poster Day Event for Scientific Faculties Divided Into Three Categories: Faculty Members, Teaching Assistants and Graduate Students

On his side, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, Dr. Meshari Al-Harbi, said: “Based on Kuwait University’s belief that scientific research is one of the most important pillars of development in the fields of science, knowledge, technology, and innovation, the Faculty of Life Sciences is honored to host the Scientific Poster day event for the participating sciences faculties, which are: Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum, along with KISR. This event provides an opportunity for researchers to present their research activity to the academic community and the interested audience, and share their research and findings with their colleagues and students. It is also a form of encouragement for researchers to pursue their scientific and research ambitions. I would like to thank the patron of this event, Kuwait University President, Prof. Hussain Al-Ansari, as well as the Research Sector for their constant support in facilitating the processes for researchers and encouraging them to continue their research endeavors”. 

In turn, Vice President for Research, Prof. Jasem Al-Kandari, said: “It is my honor to gather here in the RS Scientific Poster Day Event once again. Today we gather at the Faculty of Life sciences to shed the light on a distinguished group of researchers from the sciences faculties. This event is considered one of the main activities that are held annually for humanities and sciences faculties to reflect the University’s prime functions, emphasizing the importance of giving scientific research the appropriate attention, which is strongly linked to the knowledge economy, whether in humanities or scientific faculties. I also hope that the Research Sector will continue to play its’ fundamental role by diagnosing and correcting the problems and phenomena of the Kuwaiti Society at various levels and disciplines”. Prof. Jasem Al-Kandari emphasized Kuwait University’s commitment to highlight the faculty member’s, teaching assistants’ and graduate students’ efforts in scientific research, which contributes to elevating the University’s scientific and academic standing. He also added that the Scientific Poster Day event is the ideal platform to present research and studies’ findings in various fields. It is also considered a suitable opportunity for researchers to learn about the research conducted in their fields of expertise, and to exchange ideas and opinions. 


On her side, Prof. Laila Marouf expressed her hope of publishing the participating research in international refereed scientific journal, which will contribute in elevating Kuwait University’s global standing and raising its classification among prestigious universities around the world. She also added that this years’ event witnessed participations from a group of distinguished researchers from Kuwait University and KISR, displaying a total of 115 scientific posters to highlight the scientific and research achievements accomplished during this year. This event primarily aims to enhance the spirit of creativity and competition among faculty members in all faculties. The displayed posters discussed various contemporary issues of scientific, social and national importance, reflecting the research interests of the academic community in the participating faculties, which are the Faculty of Science (38), Faculty of Engineering of Petroleum (28), Faculty of Life Science (14), Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (5), in addition to KISR’s participation (30). Through these activities, the Research Sector encourages Faculties to enhance the value of their research through displaying them widely, and initiating dialogue, interaction, and exchange of ideas. The event is considered the appropriate environment to embrace innovative interdisciplinary scientific research. The Research Sector believes that this scientific interaction plays a vital role in promoting institutional research, establishing a culture of quality across faculties, and opening new horizons for creativity and scientific innovation. The displayed posters highlighted the faculties’ commitment to address research priorities and interdisciplinary research that joins together several authors.

The participating posters underwent a unified refereeing process done by a specialized judging committee to choose the best posters in terms of scientific content, display, and research outcomes. Three posters were then chosen to receive the awards for best scientific posters to be awarded in three different categories which are: the category of Faculty Members, the category of Teaching Assistants, and the category of Graduate Students.

In conclusion of the event, the winners of best scientific posters were honored among all the participating faculties at the Scientific Poster Day Event for Sciences faculties for the academic year 2018/2019 as follows:


First: Faculty of Life Sciences:
Dr. Tasleem Thafir – Department of Food Science and Nutrition – Category of Faculty Members

Mariam Al-Asousi – Department of Food Science and Nutrition – Category of Teaching Assistants
Mariam Hameed Zadah (supervised by Dr. Dalal Al-Kathemi – Department of Food Science and Nutrition – Category of Graduate students

Second: Faculty of Science:
Prof. Saad Makhseed – Department of Chemistry – Category of Faculty Members

Dr. Abdullah Awadh Al-Hindal – Department of Chemistry – Category of Faculty Members
Mitwali Mdakwar – Department of Chemistry – Category of Teaching Assistants
Fatimah Hussain (supervised by Dr. Ali Bumejdad – Department of Chemistry – Category of Graduate Students

Third: Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum:
Prof. Eisa Mohammad Al-Safwan – Department of Petroleum Engineering – Category of Faculty Members

Mohammad Jab – Department of Electrical Engineering – Category of Teaching Assistants
Areej Zaqzouq (supervised by Dr. Sharaf Khader and Dr. Fahad Al-Rukaibi) – Department of Civil Engineering – Category of Graduate Students

Fourth: Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering:
Dr. Dhari Al-Huwaila – Department of Information Sciences – Category of faculty Members

Noura Hadi Al-Reshedi (supervised by Dr. Hussain Al-Mahdi) – Department of Computer Sciences – Category of Graduate Students

Fifth: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research:
Dr. Krishna Kumar Sukmaran – Environment and Life Sciences Research Center – Category of Faculty Members

Mariam Malak – Environment and Life Sciences Research Center – Category of Teaching Assistants
Majeda Khalil Sulieman – Environment and Life Sciences Research Center

A film on the faculty of Life Sciences was screened at the event, followed by the honoring of Acting Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences with an Honorarium Shield. The Faculty of Life Sciences also presented Kuwait University President with an honorarium shield in gratitude for his efforts.