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RS holds Kuwait University Scientific Research Conference 2024

“Kuwait Vision 2035: Technology, Creativity and Innovation”


Registering a Remarkable Record With a 20% Growth Over Last Year’s Participation

Under the patronage of Prof. Meshari Al-Harbi, Acting Kuwait University President, the Research Sector held Kuwait University Scientific Research Conference 2024 “Kuwait Vision 2035: Technology, Creativity and Innovation” sponsored by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. The conference was attended by Prof. Othman Al-Khudher, Acting Vice President for Research, along with his assistants, the Conference President, Dr. Haneen Al-Ghabra, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultations, and interested researchers. The event, held on February 19th- 20th, 2024 at the Cultural Center in Sabah Al-Salem University City, also incorporated a dynamic display of 322 scientific posters covering various contemporary issues of scientific, social, and national value, reflecting the research interests of the academic community in participating colleges.


This year’s event was marked with the distinguished participation of researchers from Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Kuwait National Guard, Kuwait Oil Company, Environment Public Authority, along with visiting professors from abroad and academic faculty members, teaching assistants, and graduate students from various colleges across Kuwait University. Inaugurating the conference, Prof. Meshari Al-Harbi welcomed the guests and signaled that: "Scientific research is an integral pillar of Kuwait University’s commitments with the Research Sector being the premiere sponsor of KU’s research". He also commended the efforts of the Research Sector and the Organizing Committee in coordinating this event and thanked KFAS for their sponsorship and support.


Meanwhile in his speech, Prof. Othman Al-Khudher revealed that the RS recorded the participation of 322 posters in the scientific poster event held during the conference, registering a remarkable record with a 20% increase over last year’s participation. Continuing further, Prof. Al-Khudher said that this year’s event highlighted the use of smart screens to display posters. He concluded by thanking the RS team who contributed to accomplish Kuwait University’s Scientific Research – 2024. On her part, Dr. Haneen Shafeeq Al-Ghabra, the Conference President, thanked the guests for their participation and signaled that the RS is committed to support the research interests and achieve scientific progress in line with Kuwait Vision 2035. She also hoped that the conference would achieve the maximum benefit to the academic community and interested researchers as well as the greatest impact by employing advanced technologies to transfer ideas and information through displaying scientific research on smart screens.


All posters were reviewed according to a specific set of criteria by a specially constituted jury panel responsible for identifying top award-winning posters in the three categories of academic faculty members, teaching assistants and graduate students. The posters were evaluated in terms of scientific content, research methodology, presentation, and outputs. The evaluation process resulted in selecting the following winners under each award category:


Humanities Faculties

Academic Faculty Members:

1st Place: Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim – College of Business Administration.
2nd Place: Prof. Hesham Gad Elrab – College of Social Sciences.
3rd Place: Dr. Huda Al-Azmi – College of Education.

Teaching Assistants:

1st Place: Batoul Hendal - College of Social Sciences.
2nd Place: Dr. Abeer Al-Rashdan – College of Social Sciences.
3rd Place: Haya Dawood Al-Sabej – College of Law.

Graduate Students:

1st Place: Hawra'a Fayez Abu Al-hasan – College of Social Sciences.
2nd Place: Fatema Hussain Hayati – College of Social Sciences
3rd Place: Noura Munem Munther – College of Social Sciences


Sciences Faculties

Academic Faculty Members:

1st  Place: Dr. Nesma Khaled Bastaki – College of Science.
2nd Place: Dr. Abdulla Mohammad Al-Mutawa – College of Engineering and Petroleum.
3rd Place: Dr. Amani Mustafa Al-Adsani – College of Science.

Teaching Assistants:

1st Place: Mohammad Othman Amin – College of Science
2nd Place: Sarah Abdulaziz Al-Daee – KISR.
3rd Place: Fatema Hussain Imami - College of Science.

Graduate Students:

1st Place: Fatema Adnan Al-Shereeda – College of Engineering and Petroleum.
2nd Place: Manal Sabah Abboud – College of Science.
3rd Place: Muneera Wael Al-Mutawa – College of Medicine.


For the first time, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences honored winners of KFAS-funded posters.

1st Place: Dr. Fatema Salem Rashid.
2nd Place: Dr. Hasan Mohammad Salti.
3rd Place: Dr. Asmah Abdulkareem Abdullah.

The event involved a variety of panel discussions, seminars, and workshops that serve the academic community and enhances its research capabilities.


• Panel Discussion 1: Kuwait Vision 2035: Can we Reach it? Research Technology, Implications and Solutions

Moderator: Prof. Adel Al-Wugayan, College of Business Administration, KU
Speaker: Prof. Moudi Al-Humoud, Abdullah Al-Salem University
Speaker: Dr. Ameenah Farhan, Director General, KFAS
Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Al-Dallal, Former Parliament Member

• Panel Discussion 2: Introducing the Activities of the Research and Technology Directorate at KFAS

Moderator: Prof. Ali Bumujdad, KFAS
Speaker: Prof. Maytham Safar, KFAS
Speaker: Dr. Abrar Al-Moosa, KFAS
Speaker: Eng. Dina Al-Nakib, KFAS

• Panel Discussion 3: Artificial Intelligence, Creativity and Innovation in Research

Moderator: Dr. Ali Al-Saibie, College of Engineering and Petroleum, KU
Speaker: Prof. Ali Habib AI-Kandari, College of Education, KU
Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Al-Baqsami, The Public Authority for Applied Education & Training
Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Ashkanani, College of Business Administration, KU
Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Al-Sabir, AUK


• Workshop 1: The Ethics of Using Al in Research

By Prof. Haitham Lababidi, College of Engineering, KU

• Workshop 2: Using Al to Advance Research

By Dr. Sulaiman Al-Rafee, College of Business Administration, KU


• Panel Discussion 1: The Arab Impact Factor: Directions & Challenges

Moderator: Prof. Othman AI-Khudher, College of Social Sciences, KU
Speaker: Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty, Association of Arab Universities
Speaker: Prof. Sami Al-Khazendar, Arab Citation & Impact Factor
Speaker: Dr. Jamal El-Ouahi, Clarivate

• Panel Discussion 2: Emerging Environmental Technologies in Scientific Research

Moderator: Dr. Dari Al-Huwail, College of Life Sciences, KU
Speaker: Dr. Sultan Al-Salem, KISR
Speaker: Dr. Hussain Al-Mohri, College of Science, KU
Speaker: Dr. Ammar Bahman, College of Engineering and Petroleum, KU
Speaker: Dr. Nasser Al-Qattan, College of Science, KU

• Panel Discussion 3: Artificial Intelligence and Research: Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator: Dr. Hanady Abdulsalam, College of Life Sciences, KU
Speaker: Prof. Tariq Al-Dowaisan, Quality & Development Consultant
Speaker: Dr. Fawzeyah Al-Awadhi, College of Education, KU
Speaker: Dr. Mohammed Al-Enezi, The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
Speaker: Dr. Mohammed Khajah, KISR

• Panel Discussion 4: The Reality of Arab Research

Moderator: Prof. Yagoub Al-Kandari, College of Social Sciences, KU
Moving Forward with Scopus: The Publication's Council Current Status
Speaker: Prof. Othman Al-Khudher, College of Social Sciences, KU
Kuwaiti and Arab Scholarly Production: Reality and Trends
Speaker: Prof. Sami Khazendar, Arab Citation & Impact Factor "ARCIF"

• Workshop 1: Using the Unified Search on the Library Administration Website

By Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Omran, Library Administration, KU

• Workshop 2: Research Visions and Pathway to Commercialization

By Dr. Walid Hassan, Clarivate