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The Research Sector offers a wide range of research grants enabling researchers accomplish their research goals and elevating Kuwait University’s international status among elite universities. The Research Initiation Grant (RIG) is offered exclusively to newly appointed Kuwaiti academic faculty members at the assistant professor level who have not completed two years since joining KU (85 faculty members this year).

Dr. Noriah Al-Kandari, Assistant Vice President for Research Analysis and Development, invited the recently inducted Kuwaiti faculty members to take advantage of the RIG grants offered as incentives to begin their research activity and a step towards more advanced and comprehensive studies. Researchers are also invited to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of the RS grant procedures including application for the RIG and the financial regulations governing it. The maximum duration for a RIG project is 12 months with a fixed budget of KD 2,000 confined to devices, consumables and temporary manpower.

Continuing further, Dr. Al-Kandari said that applications are open from October 1st up until December 31st, 2023, inviting applicants to visit the RS website and review Chapter Thirteen, Article 57, Rules & Regulations of the Research Support System for more details on RIG projects. Interested researchers may submit their proposals through the online Research Portal accessed from the RS website.