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A Workshop Held at the Research Sector “Finding the Way During Grant Proposal Writing - Practical Suggestions”

Carrying forward its mission of promoting scientific research, the Research Sector, represented by the Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultations, organized a workshop titled: “Finding the Way during Grant Proposal Writing - Practical Suggestions” dedicated to KU’s academic faculty members and graduate students. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Suzan Al-Bustan and Dr. Hasan Al-Haddad, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science, on Wednesday, 22/2/2023, at the College of Science – Shadadiya

The RS seeks, through this workshop, to familiarize researchers at Kuwait University with the process of submitting research proposals and obtaining funding support.

Highlighting the importance of the workshop, Prof. Suzan Al-Bustan said that this one-day session provides an overview on preparing and finalizing a research grant proposal for funding, as well as the basic tools and skills needed when preparing a grant proposal including literature review, study rationale and objectives, experimental design, and defining the importance of the proposed study and the expected outputs.

Prof. Al-Bustan mentioned that the workshop also presents an overview of the proposal items for discussion with a special emphasis on budget allocation, manpower designation and justification, project timeline and deadlines, data analysis, citations and references, and ethical issues. Presentations, discussion, and computer sessions are also included in the workshop.

On her part, Dr. Haneen Al-Ghabra, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultations, encouraged KU’s faculty and students to submit research proposals, adding that the RS seeks to support young researchers to accomplish more projects of scientific value and high quality, resulting in an enhanced international status for Kuwait University.