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The RS Held a Workshop on “Methods of Scientific Research Writing”

The Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation at the Research Sector organized a workshop on “Methods of Scientific Research Writing” for KU’s academic faculty members and graduate students. The workshop held on Thursday, 23/2/2023, was presented by Prof. Ali Abu-Mejdad from the Department of Chemistry, College of Science.

Prof. Abu-Mejdad said that the workshop aims at introducing the methods of writing scientific papers and MA/Ph.D dissertations, while explaining the preparations required by the researcher before writing a paper. The workshop also focuses on selecting the appropriate journals and reputable publishing houses and how to identify potential predatory journals and publishers.

Speaking further in the workshop, Prof. Abu-Mejdad signaled the importance of identifying the research originality and significance, which are two important standards when it comes to publishing. He also listed the contents of scientific papers and MA/Ph.D dissertations in some details as well as how to ensure that a written paper is sound and clear in terms of language and scientific information. The workshop also concentrated on the most common mistakes that researchers make while writing scientific papers including some examples of these mistakes and how they can be averted.

Concluding the workshop, Prof. Abu-Mejdad explained how to deal with rejected papers or papers for which substantial modifications are required, along with some real-life examples. He then provided KU’s graduate students with some tips and details on scientific publishing ethics.

Meanwhile, Dr. Haneen Al-Ghabra, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultations, said that, by organizing this workshop, the RS seeks to achieve the goals and vision of KU’s strategic plan in order to elevate the educational process and scientific research.