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The RS organized SPSS Workshop for Humanities Faculties

Under the patronage of Prof. Othman Al-Khudher, Acting Vice President for Research, the External Research Collaboration Office at the Research Sector organized the “SPSS Workshop” for academic faculty members and graduate students at the humanities faculties. The workshop, held on Thursday ,22/12/2022, was conducted by Prof. Hesham Gad Elrab, from the Department of Psychology, College of Social Sciences- Kuwait University.

The workshop marks RS sustained efforts towards promoting scientific research and developing research competence and capabilities of faculty members and graduate students.

Prof. Hesham Gad Elrab stated that statistics is based on methods of data collection, organization, summarization, presentation and analysis in order to take informed decisions based on scientific and refereed foundations, where data, if collected through sound scientific methods, can carry a lot of latent information that can be extracted. The science of statistics is oriented towards extracting latent power in data for the purpose of enhancing the quality of decision making process. The workshop presents the high potentials of SPSS, one of the most widespread and famous computer programs in the field of statistical data analysis, in a simplified and progressive manner.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Haneen Al-Ghabra, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration & Consultation, stated that the SPSS workshop is held within the framework of RS mission to promote scientific research and enhance research potentials of academic faculty members and graduate students. She added that the RS has monitored an annually increasing demand for data analysis workshops, given its effectiveness in meeting the various needs of scientific research, encouraging the RS to keep these workshops going in order to develop graduate students and faculty members’ research competence, reflecting on the classification of Kuwait University.