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Dr. Haneen Al-Ghabra took Part in the Fifteenth Scientific Poster Day Event of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

The Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultation, Dr. Haneen Shafeeq Al-Ghabra, representing Kuwait University President and Vice President for Research, participated in giving the opening speech for the fifteenth Scientific Poster Day Event for the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.

Dr. Haneen Al-Ghabra began by thanking the Dean of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences and the Vice Dean for Research for their kind invitation, stating that ever since its establishment in 1982, the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences has provided the State of Kuwait with distinguished and highly qualified workforce, and is considered one of the most active Medical Sciences Center faculties due to its track record of research projects, in addition to its many professors achieving research awards by the Research Sector in recognition of their research and scientific excellence.

Dr. Haneen Al-Ghabra also added: “We, at the Research Sector, constantly aspire to encourage research and academic collaboration with the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences and all other faculties”.