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RS holds the First Scientific Research Conference For the Academic Year 2021/2022

RS transfers the concept of Scientific Poster Day to broader and more comprehensive scientific and academic horizons

Under the patronage of Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the patronage of Dr. Bader Al-Budaiwi, Acting Kuwait University President, the Research Sector hosted the First Scientific Research Conference for the academic year 2021/2022. The conference was attended by Prof. Rashid Al-Anezi, Vice President for Research, with the participation of faculty members, teaching assistants and graduate students, in addition to researchers from Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). The event was held on 8-9 March 2022 at the College of Engineering and Petroleum campus in Sabah Al-Salem University City, Shadadiyah.

Inaugurating the conference, Prof. Rashid Al-Anezi welcomed the sponsors and attendees and emphasized the importance of this event marking the beginning of the return to normal life following the decline of the pandemic and easing health restrictions, as well as being the first step towards a series of future events and conferences steering KU research towards wider prospects.

Prof. Al-Anezi explained that since the RS core mission evolves around actively enhancing the culture of scientific research across KU, sustained efforts are vitally important to further support the academic community to accomplish high-quality research. The RS, therefore, has developed the posters event into an integrated scientific conference that includes a range of seminars, lectures and workshops, serving the academic community by enhancing its scientific capabilities and broadening its intellectual horizons. He further noted that the RS has attracted distinguished international elite of scientists and researchers to present a summary of their experiences to KU academic community, enriching scientific research in general.

Hoping that the conference achieves its objectives and benefits all KU’s researchers and the scientific and academic community, Prof. Al-Anezi thanked KFAS as well as Mr. Tareq Al-Sultan, Agility Logistics, for their generous support to the conference. He also acknowledged the efforts of the RS team who contributed in the success of this conference. Highlighting the fundamental importance of scientific research in building prestigious international scientific and academic institutions, Dr. Salman Al-Sabah, chairman of the organizing committee, noted that this year’s event included a dynamic display of unprecedented total number of 274 posters from KU’s faculty members, teaching assistants and graduate students in addition to KISR’s researchers.

Dr. Al-Sabah mentioned that the conference includes a series of seminars, discussion panels and workshops conducted by academics from Kuwait and abroad which represented a great opportunity that the RS sought to achieve and present to the KU’s academic community in order to enhance scientific and research capabilities of researchers and those interested in scientific research, providing an avenue for scientific discussions and exchange of experiences among all participants at the conference.

He also indicated that providing such an open platform to present the latest research findings would enhance the culture of scientific research among KU faculty members, increasing their interest in accomplishing more projects of high quality and scientific value, undoubtedly enhancing Kuwait University international standing. Finally, he hoped that the event would successfully achieve its goals by providing maximum benefit to academics and researchers.

The event incorporated an exhibit of 274 scientific posters of sciences and humanities faculties along with KISR’s posters covering various issues of national and social importance. All posters were reviewed by a specially constituted Technical Committee, responsible for identifying top award-winning posters in the categories of faculty members, teaching assistants and graduate students, selected on grounds of research content, methodology, presentation and outcome. The evaluation process resulted in selecting the following winners under each award category:

Sciences Faculties

Faculty Members:
1st Place: Dr. Amani Mustafa Al-Adsani – Faculty of Science
2nd Place: Dr. Ali Abdulrasool Hussein – Faculty of Science
3rd Place: Dr. Shaikha Ahmed Ibrahim – College of Engineering and Petroleum

Teaching Assistants:
1st Place: Muneera Faisal Al-Jeri – KISR
2nd Place: Taiba Al-Barjas – Faculty of Science
3rd Place: Mohammad Othman Amin – Faculty of Science

Graduate Students:
1st Place: Nour Omar Abduljaber – Faculty of Science
2nd Place: Dua’a Ibrahim Al-Marzooq – Faculty of Medicine
3rd Place: Neha Munawar – Faculty of Medicine

Humanities Faculties

Faculty Members:
1st Place: Dr. Huda Salem Al-Azmi – College of Education
2nd Place (I): Dr. Wasan Saad Al-Rashidi – College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
2nd place (II): Dr. Mizna Saad Al-Azmi - College of Education
3rd Place: Dr. Turki Badi Al-Shammari – College of Business Administration

Teaching Assistants:
1st Place: Hayat Ibrahim Al-Yagoot - College of Social Sciences
2nd Place: Hawraa Abdulhameed Al-Sarraf – College of Business Administration
3rd Place: Batool Hendal – College of Social Sciences

Graduate Students:
1st Place: Marwah Ahmed Al-Azmi – College of Education
2nd Place: Amal Thabeh Al-Shallahi – College of Social Sciences
3rd Place (I): Rawan Hadi Al-Mutairi – College of Education
3rd Place (II): Naser Ibrahim Al-Husaini – College of Social Sciences

The event also included an online workshop with the 2020 Noble Prize winner Prof. Andree Ghez, from the United States, in addition to several panel discussions as follows:

Inventions and innovations: The panel was headed by Dr. Salman Al-Sabah, while the keynote speaker was Dr. Hatan Ashrifan, a visiting expert from the United Kingdom. The panel speakers also included Prof. Saad Makhseed, Faculty of Science, and Mr. Hamad Al-Aftan.

Accomplishments and challenges in the patenting field: The speakers included: Mohammad Al-Ansari, an inventor from Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Ahmed Al-Hashim, Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Ahmed Nabil, Faculty of Medicine, and Dr. Naser Rasheed, Faculty of Law.

KU-KFAS collaboration outputs: The session was headed by Dr. Ali Al-Mutairi, Assistant Vice President for Research Implementation and Finance, and led by Dr. Esam Asim and Prof. Maithem Safar, while the speakers included: Dr. Yaser Abdulraheem, Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Bader Shafaqa Al-Anezi, Faculty of Life Sciences (online from Canada), and Prof. Ali Bumejdad, Faculty of Science.

A discussion session with the Poster Day winners: The session was headed by Dr. Noriah Al-Kandari, Assistant Vice President for Research Analysis and Development, and led by Dr. Suzan Al-Bustan and Prof. Maha Al-Sejari, College of Social Sciences.

KU-KISR collaboration projects: The session was led by Dr. Faten Al-Jabsha and Dr. Saja Bukhamseen.

Identifying and avoiding predatory journals: The session was headed by Dr. Noriah Al-Kandari and led by Prof. Kamal Ruwaih and Prof. Othman Al-Khuder.
A roadmap to a successful research profession (A personal experience): The session was headed by Dr. Noriah Al-Kandari and led by Dr. Meshari Al-Harbi and Dr. Fatima Al-Awadhi.

Additionally, various workshops were held throughout the event as follows:

Google Applications for Academics workshop, presented by Dr. Hesham Al-Sarhan.
SPSS workshop, presented by Prof. Shafiqa Al-Awadhi
Research Methodology workshop, presented by Prof. Ali Bumejdad.

In conclusion, Dr. Dhari Al-Huwail presented the conference recommendations.