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The Office of Vice President for Research Honors the Leaders of Kuwait University

The RS honored a group of University administration directors in appreciation of their efforts and their effective role in the success of the First Scientific Research Conference activities which was organized by the RS and held on 8-9 March 2022 at the College of Petroleum and Engineering – Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University City. The honored leaders are Mr. Abdullah Ali Bouresli, Assistant Secretary General for Financial Affairs, Mr. Nasser Sayed Hashim, Director of the Finance Department, Mr. Osama Shehab, Director of the Procurement Department, Mr. Talal Bonashi, Acting Director of the Nutrition Department, and Mr. Yousef Khamis, Acting Director of Security and Safety.
On behalf of Prof. Rashid Al-Anezi, Vice President for Research, Dr. Ali Al-Mutairi, Assistant Vice President for Research Finance and Implementation, honored the University leaders, as he expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all university leaders and those who were a part of the conference for their time and effort which made the event a success, extending his thanks to everyone.
Dr. Al-Mutairi explained that this honoring is a reflection of the collaboration and integration between the university administrations in the service Kuwait University, praising the outstanding performance of the leaders and their dedication to work and cooperate with all faculties, which resulted in various accomplishments that count for Kuwait University.
Dr. Al-Mutairi also extended his thanks to the department of Public Relations and Media at Kuwait University, headed by Ms. Nadia Saleh Al-Rashid, Acting Director of the Department of Public Relations and Media, as well as the employees in its departments for their active role in covering the First Scientific Research Conference, thanking them for their outstanding efforts.