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The RS receives the Ambassador of Belgium in Kuwait

Within the framework of the KU-IMEC collaboration, Prof. Rashid Al-Anezi, Vice President for Research, and Dr. Salman Alsabah, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration received the Ambassador of Belgium in Kuwait, H.E. Leo PEETERS, on Monday 31st May, 2021, with the presence of Dr. Yasir Abdulraheem, from the Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum and the supervising P.I. of the IMEC Program, the Nano-electronics Research Center – Belgium.

The aim of the visit was to stay informed around the latest updates on the scientific collaboration between Kuwait University and IMEC in photovoltaics research development, as a part of the ongoing research partnership between the two institutions signed back in December 2012.

The partnership was initially held to enhance foundations of sustainable energy in Kuwait as well as developing photovoltaics technology, an essential area in renewable energy.

The KU-IMEC collaboration first started with the IMEC “affiliation program on Wafer based silicon photovoltaics”, and by being part of this partnership, Kuwait University will acquire further knowledge and technical expertise in advanced photovoltaics technology.