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The RS organized SPSS Advanced Workshop for Scientific Faculties

Under the patronage of Prof. Rashid Alanezi, Vice President for Research, the External Research Collaboration Office at the Research Sector organized the SPSS Advanced Workshop for faculty members and graduate students at the scientific faculties. The workshop, held through TEAMS Application on Wednesday 10th, March 2021, was conducted by Prof. Shafiqa Alawadhi, at the Statistics and Operations Research Department, Faculty of Science- Kuwait University.

The workshop marks RS consistent efforts towards developing faculty members and graduate students potentialities and research competence.

Prof. Shafiqa Alawadhi stated that applications of inductive statistics methods clearly reflect statistical science prevalence. She further explained that the workshop aims at participants deeper understanding of the statistical principles as well as providing them with the available and required statistical information to assist them in dealing with the data and experiments. The workshop also enables participants to study the applicability of results to society and also answers their questions in connection with their respective areas of study. These principles will be applied in practice by the SPSS advanced.