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KU Patents Office Achieves a Scientific Breakthrough

In an exceptional scientific precedent, Dr. Salman Alsabah, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration, announced that a contract has recently been signed for the production and marketing of a patented medicine at KU Office of Patents and Intellectual Property, on Tuesday 19/1/2021. Dr. Mohammad Alansary, the patent holder and faculty member at the Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine- Kuwait University, signed the production contract with the Dutch company Rebel-Nature for his medicine dedicated to the treatment of vitiligo that is set to be distributed globally this year. The experimental phase of this treatment started back in 2016, and it is based on two topical treatments. The first treatment has components that help in skin pigment enhancement and immunoregulation; whereas the second treatment contains skin revitalization components and antioxidants.

The treatment has been classified as a natural herbal-based medicine under class 3 (topical natural lotion) VT treatment, and under class 5 (topical medicine).

Dr. Salman Alsabah would like to extend his sincere thanks and appreciation to Prof. Fayez Aldhafiri, Acting Kuwait University President, Prof. Rashid Alanezi, Vice President for Research, Dr. Ali Almutairi, Assistant Vice President for Research Finance and Implementation, and all Research Sector staff for their efforts in realizing this achievement.