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“The Explorer” Research Ship

We would like to inform you that the research ship “The Explorer” has joined Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) collection of ships and boats, which are used for various purposes for marine sciences and fisheries research. Consequently, KISR is working with Kuwait University to utilize The Explorer through the following:

- Conducting joint scientific research projects with KISR, as they are on the verge of preparing 7 research proposals to be implemented by the Marine Resource Management Program based on the ecosystem, along with the participation of Kuwait University researchers in these projects.

- KISR will provide assistance and consultation in conducting marine swabs and collecting samples and data to implement independent research projects (new or ongoing) conducted by Kuwait University researchers, in addition to training university students on taking marine swabs.

Researchers are required to make a reservation at least 6 months prior in order to the use of the ship, while also providing the journey requirements (work plan, crew number, required equipments, and the duration of the journey).

(For more information/ to participate, kindly contact Dr. Mohsen al Husainy - 24956372- 99680209)