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RS Organizes an SPSS Workshop for Humanities Faculties

The Research Sector organized an SPSS workshop for faulty members and graduate students at humanities faculties through Teams Application, which was held on Monday 26 October 2020 and presented by Prof. Hisham Jad-Arrab from the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Kuwait University. This workshop was entitled “A Short Statistical Journey”, where it dealt with reviewing the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics.

Prof. Jad-Arrab explained that the data collected in a scientific method contain a great amount of latent information that statistics seek to extract through the use of appropriate statistical methods and mechanisms. The workshop also discussed the most prominent components of SPSS, how to define its variables, determine their type and levels of measurement, as well as the names of variables and their locations. The lecturer also shared an actual data file with the audience to explain the program’s capabilities in dealing with a wide range of research hypotheses through data analysis. The workshop also included a presentation of the method of describing quantitative and qualitative data, and verifying hypotheses such as moderation and homogeneity of variance, in addition to learning about extreme data and the ways to handle them. The validation of some hypotheses was also presented at the workshop, and how to select suitable statistical methods which include T-tests, analytics of variance, correlation coefficients, and multiple regressions.

RS considers holding similar workshops an essential part of its mission and vision, which revolves around developing the capabilities of faculty members at Kuwait University through conducting training courses and workshops, which in turn contribute in refining and enhancing their skills using all that is contemporary and advanced in all scientific fields.