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RS Organizes a Workshop Entitled “Scientific Writing Methods” for Scientific Faculties of Kuwait University

The Research Sector- represented by The Office of External Collaboration and Consultation- organized a workshop entitled “Scientific Writing Methods” for faculty members and graduate students of Kuwait University’s scientific faculties, on Sunday, 18 October 2020. The workshop was held through Teams Application. The number of participants in the workshop reached a total of 45 faculty members and graduate students, which was presented by Prof. Ali Abu-Mejdad from the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science.

The workshop discussed several topics revolving around the correct methods of writing a scientific paper as well as Masters and PhD theses, as it addressed the necessary preparations prior to writing scientific papers, while focusing on explaining the mechanisms for choosing the suitable journal and publication house, and how to distinguish between prestigious publishing houses and others while presenting some examples to demonstrate these points. Prof. Abu-Mejdad emphasized the need to understand the definition of research originality and its scientific significance, as they are considered two important criteria in the publishing process. He also elaborated on the components of the scientific paper and Master’s and Doctoral theses, as well as the techniques to ensure sound language use and the clarity of scientific information in the written papers.

Prof. Abu-Mejdad also discussed the common mistakes that researchers make when writing scientific papers while providing examples of those mistakes and how to avoid making them. He also explained how to handle scientific papers that were rejected, or those that need to be edited in order to be accepted for publication, while also providing examples from his own personal experience throughout his scientific career.