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RS Organizes an SPSS Workshop for Scientific Faculties

Under the patronage of Prof. Rashid Al-Anezi, Vice President for Research, RS - represented by the Office of External Collaboration and Consultation- organized an advanced SPSS workshop in inferential statistics for laboratory data (SPSS) for faculty members and graduate students at scientific faculties, on Wednesday 7 October 2020 at the Institutional Innovation Center – The presidential building in Khaldiya.

RS was committed to implementing all health precautions during the workshop, where the number of participants did not exceed (10) in order to implement social distancing and ensure the safety of the participants. The workshop was presented by Prof. Shafiqa Al-Awadhi from the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at the Faculty of Science.

SPSS is considered one of the most known and widespread computer programs in the field of statistical data analysis, where its effectiveness lies in its ability to organize and manage data in a sound scientific manner, in addition to its role in analyzing research outcomes, conducting statistical tests, and producing sound scientific research reports and papers eligible for publication in accredited international journals.

Organizing this workshop falls under RS awareness of the importance of statistical analysis in accomplishing distinguished scientific research, as the content of this workshop is considered one the means that contribute to enhancing and developing researchers scientific and research capabilities at Kuwait University. RS constantly strives to organize such advanced scientific workshops for faculty members and graduate students in all disciplines, believing in the importance of providing the most contemporary means to refine the skills and capabilities of Kuwait University affiliates.

In conclusion of the workshop, Dr. Salman Al-Sabah, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultation, honored Prof. Shafiqa Al-Awadhi in recognition of her efforts in making this workshop a success, as well as presenting all participants with certificates of appreciation.