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The Office of Patents and Intellectual Property at RS Participates in Scientific Publication and Communication Workshop

The Office of Vice President for Research, represented by the Office of Patents and Intellectual Property, took part in a workshop entitled “Scientific Publication and Communication”, which was organized by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). This workshop aims to promote the role of the national center in raising awareness on the importance of scientific publication in refereed scientific journals of high global ranking, in addition to introducing author’s intellectual property rights, and touching upon other topics related to scientific communication. The workshop also aims to support and promote collaboration between information centers in Kuwait and their counterparts on a regional level in order to serve scientific research and publication in the region.

The workshop addressed several topics such as facing challenges of scientific publication in high ranking international periodicals, and supporting scientific inventions and inventors in Kuwait. It also addressed the rules of intellectual property and copyrights, establishing digital storage to preserve scientific production, and the steps followed to establish a refereed scientific periodical, and lastly, it tackled the importance of publishing in available free scientific periodicals.

The workshop received the attention and participation of a large audience of researchers and those who are interested in scientific researcher from all GCC and Arab countries, and scientific institutions in Kuwait.

RS participation was represented in a section containing the sectors most recent publications related to scientific research and patents.