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RS, Presented by the Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation, Organized a Workshop on Google Applications for Academics

Under the patronage of Vice President for Research, Prof. Jasem Yousuf Al-Kandari, The Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation at the OVPR organized a workshop entitled “Google Applications for Academics” presented by Dr. Hisham Hamid Al-Sarhan, a faculty member from the Department of Information Studies at Kuwait University, on Wednesday, 13 November 2019 in Institutional Innovation Center at the Presidential Building.

Dr. Al-Sarhan presented Google Applications at the workshop, which is considered one of the most prominent companies that provide applications based on modern technology in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and massive data processing. He also added that this workshop focuses on presenting methods of using Google applications to develop academic work of faculty members and graduate students at Kuwait University. Faculty members and graduate students are able to benefit from these applications in fields of research and academia.

Dr. Al-Sarhan also explained that the applications were divided in this workshop in categories based on their functions and features, such as applications which facilitate communication, collaboration and joint work, and others that can be used for gathering and analyzing data and information, and help in viewing and sharing results with others.

Prof. Laila Marouf, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultation, stated that the importance of Google Applications workshop comes as part of the office’s interest in building faculty members and graduate students skills in handling computers and using internet, in addition to enhancing their knowledge on Google applications and their use on personal and academic levels. Due to faculty members and graduate students interest from various faculties, the workshop has been organized for the second time.

At the end of the workshop, Prof. Marouf honored Dr. Hisham Al-Sarhan, thanking him for his efforts in presenting this workshop.