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RS Organizes a Workshop Entitled: “Commercialize Your Research”

In regard to emphasizing Kuwait University’s role in supporting science, scientists and innovators, and as part of implementing the new strategic plan 2018-2022 set in keeping up with the country’s vision 2035 which focuses on scientific research and innovation, the Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation at RS organized a workshop entitled “Commercialize Your Research” for Faculty Members and Graduate students in scientific faculties. The workshop was held on Monday, 21 October, 2019 in Institutional Innovation Hall at the Presidential Building- Khaldiya Campus.

The Workshop Aims to Raise Awareness on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Shed the Light on Commercializing Scientific Research

The workshop was presented by Prof. Laila Marouf, Assistant Vice President for External Research Collaboration and Consultation. She explained that this workshop aims to provide the participants with a clear understanding of the definitions of innovation and entrepreneurship through highlighting the benefits of commercializing scientific research, and its importance to researchers, Kuwait University, and the community as a whole. Prof. Marouf emphasized that sustainable scientific advancement and economic progress come as direct results of solid scientific research which address scientific and community priorities, and focus on reaching innovative practical solutions to deal with challenges and problems facing the community. Prof. Marouf also explained that scientific research is the primary source for new products development through commercialization.

This workshop provides a suitable platform to introduce the duties and responsibilities of the Office of Patents and Intellectual Property – The Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation in RS, which specializes in registering patents by researchers from faculty members at Kuwait University in order to protect their intellectual property, in addition to introducing the steps of scientific research commercialization.