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RS Organizes a Workshop in Collaboration with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Within the framework of strategic partnership between Kuwait University (KU) and Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), and as part of optimal implementation of the Research Collaboration Agreement “Master Research Agreement” between the two institutions which was recently signed, the Office of Vice President for Research at Kuwait University (KU), represented by the Office of External Research Collaboration and Consultation, in cooperation with Innovation and Technology Group at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), organized a workshop at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) headquarters on 17 October, 2019. The workshop was attended by Prof. Jasem Al-Kandari, Vice President for Research, along with his assistants, Prof. Yousuf Garashi, Prof. Haider Behbehani, and Prof. Laila Marouf, in addition to Prof. Abdulhadi Buolayan, Dean of Faculty of Science, Dr. Raed Bourisli, Acting Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum, and Prof. Bader Al-Bedaiwi, Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies, among faculty members from Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering and Petroleum.

The workshop addressed various collaboration aspects between Kuwait University (KU) and Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) in ways which contribute to fulfilling the vision of 2035 Strategy, and methods of finding suitable solutions to tackle challenges facing the exploration and production sector. The workshop also studied ways of coordination and collaboration between Kuwait University (KU) and Research and Technology Center and Research and Development Center at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), and the required contribution by KU to support and enhance the roadmap of technology and research horizons, in addition to ways to build researchers capabilities and skills in order to establish a Research Center at KOC. At the end of the visit, Kuwait University delegation visited Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil and Gas Exhibition to view the history of Oil Industry at the State of Kuwait.