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Contract research

Partner with Kuwait University to help take your business further.

Kuwait University has 1,690 multi-disciplinary academics engaged in research, and their capabilities can be accessed by organizations to address priority challenges. Kuwait University has several development partnerships with private companies in Kuwait and its unique capabilities, facilities and resources are available to organizations to carry out confidential research and development projects to help you achieve your commercial objectives.


Contract research with KU can help your business:

- Apply academic expertise, facilities, technologies and funding to solve problems and create new products and services.

- Cost-effectively carry out confidential research and development projects.

- Leverage the existing research portfolio of KU to reduce the time to market for new ideas.

- Find international partners and collaborators and discover new national and international markets for your products and services.


For more information contact us on:

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Phone: 24983063 - 24983497 - 24987832 - 24985297
Fax: 24841709


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