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 Vice President's Message

The Research Sector continues its journey on a developmental path, implementing its established programs, facilitating faculty members in pursuing advanced and innovative research, and enhancing collaborative ties within the framework of existing research support rules and regulations. With its commitment to sustain growth in faculty research, RS efforts will always be directed to harnessing faculty members caliber, competence and potential for achieving original, innovative and high quality research, that tackle priorities and issues of national, economic, educational, health, social and environmental significance. A climate is also being created through flexible and facilitative approach, for which RS is currently reviewing more...

Commercialise your research

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With reference to the attached Secretary General’s circular no. (67) dated 21/10/2019, kindly provide the Purchasing  Department with all tenders for amounts exceeding KD 75,000 which will be submitted during the fiscal year 2020/2021, and are included within Research Sector’s projects, by filling the attached form. It should be noted that the deadline to submit the annual tenders plan to RS is 25/12/2019. Researcher will be responsible in case of any delay in the tender proposal that occurs due to late submission.

Therefore, all researchers are requested to complete the attached table of tender requests for amounts exceeding KD 75,000 for their research projects and have them submitted to RS no later than 25/12/2019 in order for us to be able to complete requests and submit them to the Purchasing Department on the scheduled time.

Petty Cash Circular

Your kind attention is drawn to the Ministry of Finance Circular, specifying the dates for annual closing of accounts for the fiscal year 2019/2020 for the government sector.  Accordingly, the researchers are required to initiate the process of settling their research expenditure prior to the closing date.

Researchers are kindly requested to adhere to the deadlines, which require submission of requests for Petty Cash before December 12, 2019, and settling the expenditures by January 16, 2020.

Kindly be informed that any amount not settled by the deadline is liable for automatic deduction from the researcher’s salary.


Based on circular no. (65) issued by the esteemed Secretary General of Kuwait University, the period for submission of purchase orders to the Department of Purchase and Stores is from 15/10/2019 to 27/2/2020.

Therefore, all researchers are urged to complete and submit purchase orders for their research projects to the Research Sector no later than 20/2/2020. This is necessary to complete the purchase procedures and send them to the Storage Department on the scheduled time.

Kindly be informed that any purchase order submitted after 20/2/2020 will not be processed for fiscal year 2020/2021.

Scientific Conference Guidelines

To help Kuwait University Researchers in selecting scientifically sound conferences. These guidelines should be followed to maximize the benefit from attending a conference.


Priority Research Areas

RS implements the new areas of priority research

1. Sustainability, Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources.
2. Water Resources, Management and Technology.
3. Enhanced Oil Recovery and Heavy Oil Production and Process.
4. Impact of Environmental Pollution in Kuwait (Including Health Impacts).
5. Causes, Risk Factors and Bio-Predictors of Cardiovascular Diseases.
6. Diabetes and Cancer.
7. Growth & Old Age Diseases.
8. Health Services, Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery.
9. Contemporary Social and Political Issues in the Kuwaiti Society.
10. Food Quality and Security.
11. Information and Network Security and E-Government.
12. Citizenship and National Unity.
13. Education Curricula and its Outputs.
14. Linguistics and Communication Disorder.
15. Islamic Finance and Banking.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship Program


Research Chair program at KU


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